Connecting experience and engagement our workers organize transport process from the cargo preparations, through reception from storage, possible clearance till delivering cargo to the certain place in planned time. Thats all for customers satisfaction.

Thanks to carefully prepared procedures and instructions our company is able to provide the highest quality services. We are specialized in FTL cargos, LTL cargos and cargos which require special transport conditions (controlled temperature) on the whole Poland, Europe and former Soviet Union.

We are especially specialized in FTL transport in which we use semi-trailers standard type, semi-trailers mega type and ‘120m3 sets’. Thanks to modern stock that passes EURO 5 and EURO 6 norms we are able to organize transport.

We organise small cargos transport too (cargos that doesn’t fill whole loading space). Thanks to special stock and course selection we are able to significantly reduce the transport costs.

We are specialized in delivering cargos that require special transport conditions. This group includes cargos with temperature control, bulk cargos and aggregates. Each of our refrigerated semi-trailer is equipped in temperature recorder during transport. Most of them include DOPPELSTOCK system which allows the transport up to 66 pallets. We have two semi-tralers with refrigerating unit and partition wall which allows to transport two types of cargos in different temperatures. We are able to organize transport of bulk cargos using dump trailers with rear unload system and dump trailers with “walking floor” unloading system.